U – litter. Reservation started

We invite you to reserve a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. You are welcome at our kennel to get to know our dogs, their way of life and the characteristics of the breed. You can reserve the chosen puppy.

The puppy can be picked up from the kennel at the age of 2 months (March 9) and brought abroad at the age of 4 months (May 1). At that time the puppy will be vaccinated, labelled, issued a certificate of origin, European animal passport.

We socialize our puppies and prepare for the big world, by getting them used to the car, familiarize with dogs and cats of different sizes, various household sounds, floor coverings, obstacles and getting along with people of all ages. Puppies are house trained.

Parents are Lithuanian champions – Nasturta Duok Labas HD A, ED 0 and Mountain Crystal Dream Come True HD A, ED 0. Tested for most common medical diagnostics.

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