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Last summer weekend :)

Who catch up Julius 🙂 Kas pagaus Julių ? 🙂

Morning games 🙂 Prausiamės ryto rasoje arba rytiniai žaidimai 🙂
Petula ir Pricha from Duok Labas

Do yuo Petula and Pricha come to Julius ? Groggy bridge on chicken legs. I’m uncomfortable on the stand.
Duok Labas P litter of 2.5 months. age
Ar išdrys mažosios Petula ir Pricha ateiti pas Julių? Svirduliuojantis lieptelis ant vištos kojelių . Prisipažinsiu, man nejauku ant jo stovėti.
Duok Labas P vada 2,5 mėn. amžiaus

We have available puppies

Puppies are 6 weeks old

PRICHA Duok Labas, 6 sav.female, available

PIPPA Duok Labas, 6 sav.female, available

PETULA Duok Labas, 6 sav.female, available

PITAS Duok Labas, 6 sav.male, available

“P” litter in Bernese Mountain dog kennel Duok Labas
At 9th of June 5 charming girls and 2 strong boys were born in our Duok Labas kennel.
Mother gave birth in natural way without human interaction, which is important for the whole puppy development, health and character forming. Constant mother care and natural feeding helps them grow quickly. All puppies have a perfect coloring, like their father’s.
Mother FILA VITAE DUOK LABAS (aka Filute) is the sweetheart of our kennel. In international dog shows received the best show awards – BOB, BOS, not to mention all other titles LTCH, LTJCH. Judges distinguish her femininity and playfulness. Health tests: HD-A, ED-0, clear eyes.
Father BERNTIERS XL is a proud and at the same time the friendliest kennel male. He was born in one of the best Sweden dog kennel Berntiers. XL shows awards and titles – LTCH, LTJCH, BOB and BOS. Judges describe him as strong and masculine male with a beautiful head, light and proud movement, which makes him an excellent Bernese breed representative. Health tests: HD-A, ED-0, clear eyes, OCD – free, DM – N/N.
You are very welcome to reserve the puppy of your choice. Puppies will be able to go to new home at the beginning of August. For more information please contact us by email [email protected]